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Official: History Between the Pages bhcampbell bhcampbell

History Between the Pages is a list that attempts to assemble recordings from musicians that I believe to be historically important. The goal of...

about 2 hours ago
Trade List MistletoeRadio MistletoeRadio

about 3 hours ago
My Wish list alrams427 alrams427

about 5 hours ago
A (szerintem) Régi id?ket legjobban idéz? zenék. Dj_Night Dj_Night

Itt azok a zenék kerültek listára, amiket hallgatva semmi más, csak a régi id?k jutnak róluk eszembe.

about 7 hours ago
My Top 2021 Albums antonio_camachobaez antonio_camachobaez

about 8 hours ago
Doors Aspen_nicol Aspen_nicol

about 9 hours ago
Audiophile Vinyl Records ???? martin.kofod martin.kofod

about 10 hours ago
Shizz I Got Wot Ain't Got No Photos On Discogs, Innit pathfinderpat pathfinderpat

A list of my items on Discogs without images

about 10 hours ago
CRG doodlesdad doodlesdad

about 12 hours ago
LED ZEPPEIN gmatos gmatos

about 14 hours ago
BELCHIOR gmatos gmatos


about 14 hours ago
Sell .mac .mac

albums that im going to be selling

about 15 hours ago
Great albums Eddie_Guitar Eddie_Guitar

Not ordered properly yet. I will put them in order of release date.

about 17 hours ago
CMB House & Trance Mix 23rd August 2021 CMB_Vinyl CMB_Vinyl

about 20 hours ago
Пласты сортировка Denon3560 Denon3560

about 21 hours ago
Ranking The Studio Albums - Living Colour andyivanov20 andyivanov20

This is Ranking The Studio Albums of Living Colour

1 day ago
Ranking The Studio Albums - Anthrax andyivanov20 andyivanov20

This is ranking all the studio albums by Anthrax

1 day ago
Marillion arienijgh arienijgh

Marillion albums in collection

1 day ago
Ben deeman deeman

1 day ago
Prince CD Aap2011 Aap2011

1 day ago
Juno Highlights 29-32/2021 heliosphaner heliosphaner

1 day ago
Prince LP Aap2011 Aap2011

1 day ago
My Top 10 metal albums Music_Goblin Music_Goblin

My top 10 metal albums that I own with what release version and it is sorted in no particular order.

1 day ago
Wanted Pink Floyd PinkFloydSound PinkFloydSound

These are my most wanted records to add to my collection. Please contact me if you have a copy. Thanks.

1 day ago
Mexican "promos" with post manufacture covers no_noise_reduction no_noise_reduction

1 day ago